Next 6th June in Taranto at Saint Eligio Pier will take place the first Taranta Festival a charitable event organised by Taranto Unitalsi with the support of Piero Melpignano to aid sick people affected by several diseases.

The declaration of belonging and pride for its own roots is already expressed in the choice of the name: if Pujje is the noun used to indicate Apulia in the ancient Taranto dialect, Amphitrite and Rhea – these are the names of the two blends– respectively a beautiful sea nymph and the titaness mother of Zeus, goddess of plenty, remind to the ancient cultural legacy of Magna Graecia, the City of the Two Seas was one of the most flourishing centres of.

All the participants to the event will become direct supporters of the patients assisted by Unitalsi as the whole minimum contribution of € 10 will be totally gifted. Godmother of the soirée is the famous singer and musician Mariella Nava. The groups Zimbaria , Briganti di Terra D’Otranto, Ajera Mea , Kunteo with con Tommy Miglietta, Lu Barcarulu and the Jonian Taranto RondARTE will take part to the Festival della Tarànta .

Futhermore, Elede and Inarte will sing.

For further info and booking please contact:

Unitalsi Taranto Subsection

Via Lago di Varano, 1 – Taranto

Tel. 099.7354154 – 3927527907

(credits photo La Notte della Taranta)