Yesterday Pujje has been guest of Angelo Garini’s private party, a wedding and events master, a name that is making history in Italy and Abroad.

I believe it’s the moment to get more in confidence, we know each other since a long time.

It’s me who writes for Pujje Evoo oil, I’m Monica Pica and I’m charge with Marketing and Communication of my new Firm. This has always been my job as freelance, but I actually manage only Pujje and my two kids and believe me it’s  no small thing. I’ve been consultant for many years for several companies, as I’ve always loved to manage 1000 things at the same time, but now I dedicate myself only to our Evoo oil, which completely satisfies me.

It’s a brand that surprises me every day for the strong impact that it has to everyone who has the opportunity to try it and taste the clean or mild flavour of the two blends. But let’s stop speaking about me and Pujje I’ve to tell you about the nice evening of yesterday at Villa Garini, facing Lake Maggiore in Laveno Monbello.

There was a lot of people but not too much, a stunning landscape and if it’s told by me who are practically born on the sea…I’ve to say that also lake has its charm and yesterday Angelo Garini’s Villa full of flowers, lights and very coloured typical Indian staging was really wonderful.

A warm atmosphere among guests, all themed dressed with coloured Indian style clothes, hats, scarves. Really beautiful to see.

But staging was top and flowers, a lot of flowers everywhere.

Beautiful background music and right for events succession into the event.

Yes, because there were a lot of surprises, animation, dances, fireworks, an opera singer good for ears, but above all a lot of luxury food and beverage.

Cakes then…unbelievably original and beautiful.

You might be wondering what Pujje, a so young firm, was doing there?

As you know Pujje Evoo oil, thanks to its sophisticated, original and design package is extremely requested as wedding favour, as decoration element for staging or as luxury gift, either for private consumers or companies. Angelo Garini received the product through our press office some time ago and has invited us to his Special Birthday.

Therefore, I’ve to admit that yesterday night I could miss the opportunity of presenting my new Brand to Garini’s guests and I’ve brought with me a 200ml bottle of Rhea and Amphitrite.

The particular packaging, but above all the two colour varieties black, symbol of man and white, symbol of woman, perfectly in line with wedding world, has enchanted many wedding planners who have decided to suggest it to their new brides.

Please remind that if you wish having a new food experience, you can buy Pujje on its e-shop:

Soon I’ll tell you about one of my food experiences with my blogger friends.

See you soon.