Pujje has entered online shopping world with the launch of the e-commerce area of its website www.pujje.it, that brings to the shop section directly from the homepage with a simple click: intuitive, integrated and multi-channel, mobile, tablet and desktop navigable. It is actually available only in Italian, but English and French versions will be online soon and then German and Spanish ones will follow and so on with the other languages. Its launch, shared on all social networks, is associated with a promotion rewarding all Customers with a 20% discount on all purchases made by the end of May 2017.

The following coupon code can be entered directly during the purchase phase in your own shopping cart: promosun17.



Pujje is the best choice for an healthy and conscious lifestyle, as it is food culture and wellbeing culture.


It’s a memory and quality recipient of its own territory, where knowledge and taste meet together to return an unique tasting experience.

Pujje Oil, born and grown in Apulia Land, magic for its traditions, beauties and life rhythms, it’s a very pure extra virgin olive oil, which becomes a real long life elixir, thanks to its organoleptic features.

Health is a lifestyle choice.

Treat yourself with the luxury of tasting the real life quality.

Choose with style, choose Pujje.