Pujje Company is born from three young people’s love for their country. They are an agronomist and agricultural entrepreneur specialized in the olive oil production as well as food. A manager successfully in charge of his family industrial business and, last but not least, a communication expert with an innate penchant toward marketing.

A great mix of expertise, management skills and creative energy brought to life an olive oil of excellent quality, a rare gift to bring on your table, surprising for the eyes as for the palate.

Pujje Srl was established in Apulia, one of the most beautiful lands in Southern Italy thanks to its climate and countryside and especially to its gourmet cuisine. Apulia is historically known as “the Olive land” and our company’s goal is to spread the quality of such land at our best by producing top-class Extra Virgin olive oil in designer bottles standing out in the oil market due to its elegance and exquisiteness.

Our farm is located in Palagianello on the hilly Murge Tarantine, an uncontaminated land surrounded by nature rich in olive trees (about 12.000 units), among which some are age-old, all of them lovingly cultivated by means of different agronomic measures in order to get autochthonous olives as well as different varieties without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.

This project great appeal and originality is due to an exceptional care to every small detail. Its uniqueness is a result of the finest quality marrying a bold design.