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The following conditions are referred to all products displayed on this website by firm Pujje srl, owner of these web contents. All contents of this website exclusively belong to Pujje srl, including names, logos, texts, articles, publications, images, photos, illustrations, graphic representations and other distinguishing marks. Any reproduction, distribution, communication in any form, not expressly authorised by firm Pujje are completely prohibited. Pujje srl does not grant any authorisation to use of its own intellectual property rights or any other property related to the products illustrated in this document and website. Name and mark Pujje are property of Pujje srl.


Pursuant to Art.13 Italian Legislative Decree n. 193 of 2013 (Code of personal data protection) Pujje informs Customers that all data provided by Clients during the registration to the website are treated for the purposes of the supply of the services proposed by the website, the products sale and the activation of a service on PC.

Missing providing of the requested data will imply the impossibility of supplying the above mentioned services. Pujje Srl commits itself to gather personal data in compliance with the rules in force concerning personal data protection. Pujje Srl specifies that personal data use is necessary for the execution of the requested services and that they will not be used for research profiling, but only to facilitate website management and orders execution. Data spontaneously provided by users will not be communicated or disclosed to third parties.

Pujje Srl informs its users they are protected by Art. 7 of the Italian law n. 196/2003.


COOKIES BANNER: We use “cookies” to improve navigation on our website. For a better knowledge of our Cookies Policy or to modify your browser settings, please look up our complete disclosure*. By continuing the navigation on this website or clicking ok, you accept our Cookie Policy.


On the website you are visiting we use some “cookies”: they are technologies useful to improve your navigation. Hereby we want you to understand features and purposes of cookies and methods for their eventual disabling. With our quality of Data Controllers we could change this policy in any moment: any change will be effective from the date of publication on the website.

A. What are cookies?

Cookies are text files sent by websites visited by user to the browser, where they are recorded to be sent again to the same sites at the following visit of the same user.

Their working is totally dependent on navigation browser employed by the user and can be enabled or not by the same user.

The cookies we use in this Website are employed to make your navigation working more efficiently and improve your online experience.

B. Which cookies are employed in this Website?

In our Website we use two different types of cookies: technical and profiling cookies.

1. Technical Cookies: technical cookies are those necessary to Website working and provision of the services offered. They can be divided into navigation or session cookies, ensuring the normal navigation and use of the Website; analytics cookies aimed to gather information, for statistic purposes and in an aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the website; personalisation cookies allowing the user, by improving the service, the navigation according to a series of selectable criteria (e.g. chosen language, selected product)

2. Profiling cookies: profiling cookies are those installed with the purpose of creating a profile for the user navigating on the website, monitoring its behaviour during navigation and to send targeted advertisements aimed to direct marketing activities and/or commercial purpose.

C. Third Part Cookies: during navigation on the Website the user could also receive on its device cookies of different websites or web servers (so called “Third Party” cookies) Third Parties (e.g. advertisers) could use their cookies to get information on the actions you make in the Website and subsequently send you advertisements corresponding to your preferences. Data controller doesn’t know all Third Part cookies but only those indicated under point D.1: in order to disable the remaining ones, you should refer to Third Parties websites.

D. How can I disable cookies?

1. In order to get an ideal navigation experience we suggest you to keep cookies use active: without them, some functions of the website could be disabled. However you can give or deny cookies consent, own or of third parties, used by this Website by clicking here.

2. Furthermore, if you don’t wish to receive and record cookies on your own device you could change safety settings of your browser entering the links below indicated and following the indications contained:

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3. In case of use of different devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) ensure to organize each browser of each device according to your cookies preferences.

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