FOOD&BEVERAGE, the monthy magazine dedicated to horeca professionals and gourmet lovers interested in knowing best restaurants, chefs, wines and all high quality Italian products, this months tells about love in the creation of Pujje Evoo.


Oil? Yes please! Although economic crisis combined with healthy trends have reduced consumption, Italian cannot do without olive oil. Well disposed to spend a little bit more to ensure themselves healthy and free from undesired ingredients food, oil included of course. Fine eating trend is all Italian and still ongoing, thanks to a food-cultural revolution that from ‘95 to 2015 has upset food concept. It has become good and before to be eaten, above all to be thought. And to be lived as experience, under the sign of lightness, taste and conviviality. (Source N° 11 March Food & Beverage pag. 65)

Pujje Evoo comes just from this concept of ‘food to be lived’, a taste and sensory experience which was born in the mill, lands into the kitchen and become a luxury to taste.

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