Pujje Evoo participates to the national bread event, through the creativity and the skill of one of its main characters, Chef Salvatore Carlucci.

Apulia land, and more precisely S. Marco in Lamis, in Gargano area, will host from 17 to 19 June a very important, and absolutely original event titled “Future Grains” – Evolution of the Bread between sustainability, waste combat and biodiversity.

It’s the national bread event that involves territory, culture, sport, music, street food and more else.

In the field of bread interpretations from bakers coming from all regions and accompanied each of them by a Chef,  Pujje has been chosen by chef Salvatore Carlucci  – “La Barca” Restaurant in Marina di Pulsano, benchmark for the seafood cooking on the Ionian coast – as “meeting oil” with  Emanuele Lenti – Pregiata Forneria Lenti in Grottaglie, with a production philosophy based on authentic and artisanal products -.

The young chef shares with Pujje the connection to traditions based on the respect of the past but projected towards the evolution of the future through an unusual style free from fixed schemes, and he has become committed testimonial.

Expectation and curiosity of tasting the result of the interpretations fruit of the co-operation between Carlucci and Pujje is growing. They are scheduled on Saturday 17th from 19.00 in Lungo Jama street. Not to be missed. For sure surprises won’t be absent, and sure will be the sharing of the passion for his own job and the striving for excellence.

Thus Salvatore Carlucci  will offer to Pujje the opportunity of letting  taste and appreciate an oil resulting from a skilful mix of growing techniques passed on Apulian tradition and extremely advanced processing methods, gathering point between tradition and future, through the participation at Grani Futuri (Future Grains).

It is worth to remind that on Monday 19th, at the end of the Scientific Congress, the Bread Futurist Manifesto subscription will take place; the author of this initiative and inventor of Grani Futuri (Future Grains) is Antonio Cera, the famous “economist baker” – after a bachelor degree in Economics at Bocconi University in Milan he came back to his origin land in S. Marco in Lamis to manage the bakery owned by his family since more than 100 years, Forno Sammarco – who aims to bring a change in the general diet concept through bread culture, core of Italian culture and tradition, with the goal of controlling the entire food chain starting from grains selection.