Helios, god of the Sun, son of titans Theia and Hyperion and brother of Selene, the Moon. Every morning he crossed the sky from East, driving the golden chariot of the sun, drawn by four steeds throwing fire from their nostrils and in the evening he plunged himself at West on Trinacria island. Legend goes that he owned seven herds of oxen, representing the seven days of the week, and seven flocks of sheep, representing the seven nights.

Thus Helios Olive Oil reinforces, creates, protects and heals.

The god of light and warmth represents the pure taste of the bright monovarietal Helios.

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A sole, powerful fruit variety rich in taste and with a leafy scent evoking a light leaf note, typical of the Ogliarola olives of Taranto area from millennial olive groves, recovered and regenerated after two years of hard work in the fields. The golden yellow colour with green reflections immediately reminds to the rays of the almost perpetual sun, welcome invader of these lands which makes this nectar strong and equilibrated at the same time. A medium fruity oil lively and equilibrated, with a mild initial taste and a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Its versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of foods, definitely savory ones, offering its best when used raw on white meats and vegetable dishes, further to the preparation of soft and tasty desserts.


Luxury to taste

Pujje is addressed to sophisticated, demanding and selective consumers who appreciate everything having character and originality and being unique in its kind, according to its values and style.

Unmistakable Style

Helios, of gold coated, is available in painted and screen-painted 16.9 fl.oz glass bottle with a label on their neck printed on fine material and sealed by an elegant custom button. The packaging also presents quality cardboard boxes for single or triple bottles.


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