One is black and the other is white.

One represents earth body, the other water lightness.

A determined character the black one, instead delicate the white one. Two opposite attracting.

As Chinese philosophy states everything is divided between yin (black) and yang (white) that joining together create equilibrium.

An equilibrium resulting in the polarity concept, i.e. two opposite that become complementary and find their reason to be into each other.

As it happens between man and woman, a relationship of mutual dependence where one couldn’t exist without the other one and vice versa, thus the two multi varietals signed Pujje, with opposite flavours, create a magic taste equilibrium and are one the constituent foundation of the other one.

Socrates affirms that also in Nature opposite attract and nourish each other.

In fact, the two varieties of Pujje originate from the same land, from the same water and from the same love of their creator.

Pujje is a luxury to taste gift, either for He or She. An oil that kidnaps the heart.

Best wishes to all sweethearts for a Valentine’s day full of taste.