The making of the olive oil Evo Pujje retraces techniques handed down from one generation to the next, cherishing past traditions, quality and modern hygienic standards.

The harvest season starts in October Olives are picked before ripening is complete, that is in October, then immediately (that is in 6/8 hours’time) and skilfully milled by the Oil Master. This time corresponds to the fruits veraison period, when the concentration of aromatic ingredients and polyphenols reaches its peak. These are all the right elements to obtain an exceptional extra-virgin olive oil, a great aroma and an unforgettable taste.

Each production stage is carefully checked in details, both in the olive grove – starting from the planting and the harvesting techniques, then employing important agronomic measures such as irrigation, fertilization without chemical substances, up to pruning – and inside the mill which is equipped with a modern continuous cycle cold extraction plant characterized by low water and energy consumption, where the different varieties are milled separately and afterwards skilfully combined in order to create authentically unique oil. 

 In order to keep its characteristics unaltered as long as possible and delay any possible oxidation process, Pujje Evoo is stored in stainless steel tanks equipped with a system of inert gases (nitrogen) at a controlled temperature.

Pujje Evoo is analysed by the most accredited laboratories, in order to verify the low level of acidity and the absence of any pesticide residues.

Pujje’s artisans are proud of their knowledge on harvest and processing techniques. Their great expertise and neverending passion has been acquired through several years of training and hard work. As a result Pujje olive oil is the ambassador of the love it originates from.