It’s not a simple exhibition.

We take you back in time, starting from modernity to arrive to peasants culture.

See the Past. Listen to the Tradition. Smell the Purity. Taste the Passion. Touch the Beauty.

Yes, because tasting an Oil is not only recognizing the excellence and knowing how to pair it with food, but is the magic of finding oneself on the wet land, with the wind in the hair, near a majestic olive tree, with the olives between hands still unripe and the joy in the eyes while smelling and tasting this nectar just milled.

But your Pujje Experience does not end here at Taste of Roma. We serve you Apulia on a dish. Not a common plate, but on Pujje Tasting Tablet. A new sensory dimension where soft shapes keep the Oil and embrace the Food.

Live and Feed on Experience!


20 > 23 SEPTEMBER 2018 – BOOTH A3

Olio Evo Pujje represents the best choice for an healthy and equilibrated lifestyle, as it is culture food and culture of wellbeing. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a Sacred product to be respected, starting from a sustainable agriculture and a responsible use.

Pujje Experience starts from Cultivation to arrive to the Culture of Oil.

A guided tasting, reserved to maximum 4 people, with the aim of transferring knowledge and basic techniques in an unique and cheerful contest, where intuition is rewarded with Pujje products. A full immersion in oil, to understand it, recognize it and use it in the right way as special ingredient and healthy seasoning.


– Agronomic tricks, transformation and conservation techniques;

– Classifications of Oils and quality parameters;

– Tasting methods and sensory profiles;

– Technical test of 5 oils tasting;

– Award Ceremony*;

– Cooking pairings;

– Apulian gourmet delicacies.

* At stake a 6,7 fl.oz. bottle (identification of 4 oils out of 5) or a 16,9 fl.oz. bottle (identification of 5 oils out of 5).

Discover MEETINGS CALENDAR and book your tasting at : https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-taste-luxury-evoo-pujje-experience-50112906051

Participation is free of charge .

N.B. The participation to the tasting event does not allow to enter Taste of Rome. Info and Tickets at:  www.tasteofroma.it