Pujje, excellent evoo, born by the idea of three young people from Taranto (Apulia) in love with their land and who have wanted to give life to their dream of creating an unique product plunging its roots into tradition, strengthens its bond with the territory choosing to participate to the sixth edition of Sapor di Storia (Taste of History) on 30th April, a journey to discover the past of Taranto among flavours and tradition.

Pujje will be partner during the next date of this event which proposes a real trip among history and food and wine traditions narrated by the voice of people who have made their love for Taranto a life mission, in the suggestive frame offered from time to time by the wonderful palaces of the old borough.

The soirée of 30th April will have Aragonese Castle background with a planned guided visit of this monument at 19.30. This is one of the architectural symbols of the city and its actual structure is dated to Ferdinand II of Argon period, but it has a 3000 years history, as testified by the remains of the former Greek, Byzantine and Norman-Svevo-Angevin buildings.
The themed dinner will be signed by the young and talented Chef Salvatore Carlucci, from Grottaglie, who has come back to his Apulia, to ‘La Barca di Ciro’ restaurant located in Marina di Pulsano, after having travelled the world searching for new experiences  He shares with Pujje the bond with the origin land, the research for excellence and the unconventional style: thanks to this elective affinity he has become Promoter Chef of the brand for Taranto area. The declaration of belonging and pride for its own roots is already expressed in the choice of the name: if Pujje is the noun used to indicate Apulia in the ancient Taranto dialect, Amphitrite and Rhea – these are the names of the two blends launched last February – respectively a beautiful sea nymph and the titaness mother of Zeus, goddess of plenty, remind to the ancient cultural legacy of Magna Graecia, the City of the Two Seas was one of the most flourishing centres of.

Therefore Pujje could just support Sapor di Storia (Taste of History), born from an idea of Ei.Em.Eventi  with the goal of animating the Old Borough, the most ancient city core – an island of approximately 30 hectares situated between Mar Grande (Big Sea) and Mar Piccolo (Small Sea) and bond to mainland by two bridges – through the realisation of appointments aiming to social aggregation, promotion of the food and wine traditions and access and dissemination of the knowledge of places narrating Taranto history among alleys, habits and wonderful glimpses of past life.