Pujje can’t miss this appointment “Pizza and Masseria“, today 20th June, which sees Chef Salvatore Carlucci once more among main characters.

The suggestive Masseria Savoia, in Ginosa Marina, will be frame of the event, where it will be possibile to taste several gourmet pizzas seasoned with extra virgin olive oil signed by Pujje paired to Cantine San Marzano wines selection and a cheesmaker corner, where to taste real time produced mozzarella, all sitted at swimming pool side at candle light.



In addition to Salvatore Carlucci – “La Barca” Restaurant Chef, the skilled hands of Piero Lovecchio – Pizza Chef and Oronzo Dimitri – Masseria Savoia Chef will delight guests.

Chefs will wear G. Inglese clothes and there will be live music.

Menu of the evening

Appetizer with small spelt and Senatore Cappelli sandwich produced with sourdough;

Paddle pizza includine 6 tastings:

  1. Margherita Pizza
    2. Vegetarian Pizzawith vegetables of our garden
    3.Pizza with typical Masseria cold cuts
    4.Raw seafood Pizza
    5.Pizza with meat selections
    6.Pizza with figs


Masseria Savoia Resort

C.da Pizziferro – Ginosa Marina Basilicata Italy

Start at 20.30