Pujje is born in Taranto, the City of the Two Seas and ancient Magna Graecia Colony. Its products are deeply bounded to the territory where they are born and are identified with some divinities of the Greek mythology, legendarily icons of its marks: earth, sea and sun.

Searching into Greek mythology, rich in fascinating and epic stories, we naturally have recognized in Rea and Anfitrite the soul of our two multi varietals.

And Rea, married to Chronus, gave birth to beautiful children.

Rea, goddess of earth, nature and plenty, Titaness who gave birth to Zeus and protected him from the appetite of her husband Chronus, who ate his children fearing to be ousted, as he formerly did with his father Uranus.

Thus Rea evoo oil originates from protection and lovely care that our firm has for the fruits gifted by our Earth and becomes their guardian.



Anfitrite. My name is Anfitrite and I’m one of the daughters of Nereus – she introduced herself hesitating.

The stranger seemed surprised but his confusion lasted a blink of an eye.

Anfitrite, the beautiful black haired sea goddess searched for protection from Poseidon by Atlas, as she didn’t want to get married. Founded by a dolphin sent by the God of Sea, she was persuaded to marry him. As her surname Halosydne “the seafed”, Anfitrite evoo oil  is born along the Ionian coasts, where it is grown by the fresh sea wind climbing up on hillside and brings Mediterranean sea taste with itself.