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Pujje is the best choice for a healthy lifestyle, because it is a culture of food and culture of wellness.
It is a container of memory and goodness of its territory, where knowledge and flavour meet a unique taste experience. Pujje Oil, born and raised in the Apulian coun- try, magic for its traditions, its beauties and its rhythms of life, it’s a pure extra virgin olive oil that, thanks to organoleptic characteristics, becomes a true elixir of long life. Health is a choice of lifestyle.Treat yourself to the luxury to savor the true quality of life.

Choose with style, choose Pujje.

The Pujje Evo oil is availble in 200 and 500 ml glass bottle sizes, painted and screen-printed with a label on the neck printed on fine material, hand customized with wax seal, complete with quality cardboard boxes in the two sizes for single or double bottle. Pujje is a “luxury to taste” and is addressed to sophisticated, demanding and selective consumer who appreciates everything that has character, originality and that is unique in its kind, according with its values and style. It’s an original gift idea or wedding favors.

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