Tailor Made

“As Hermes, son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, messenger of gods in the Olympus, so Olio Evo Pujje effectively communicates your style in the world.”

Customise it is giving oneself the luxury of making a unique product, giving it a value, making it an experience. A new way of telling yourself at work, in daily life or on the occasion of a memorable event.

The excellence of Pujje, between unquestionable quality and unmistakable design, aims at innovation in the Ho.re.ca., Corporate and Wedding sectors, making its know-how available to those who wish to express their personality, through a logo , a name, a date, a dedication.

A tailoring oil, a trendy bottle, a sign that makes everything unique. Choose to be unique. Choose with style, choose Pujje.

Pujje’s Tailor Made Line  allows to use, commercialize or give in its own name a very high quality Oil stored in a sophisticated packaging, without the duty of production and packaging, knowing that you can count on a cutting-edge company that aims for excellence, through research, innovation and handmade care

This original project by Pujje gives to Vip Clients a qualified staff to explain even a simple squirt, and transform it into a graphic project, to develope and refine the prototype and start the production.

A highly qualified printing technique, screen printing or pad printing, which ensures accurate and precise effects on the thickeness and paint of the glass bottles of Pujje, of different sizes, even very small.

However personalization does not stop with the bottle

Pujje completes the product with the creation of tags, cases, boxes or bags with its own name or brand. These projects are also elaborated with extreme care to the details, starting from the choice of materials, such as special papers, each with precise technical and aesthetic requirements to be adapted to the project up to the printing and packaging.

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