There will be Apulia on the table
at Mò – Apulia Bistrot
next Wednesday

A special dinner for a few selected guests, among press and influencers to taste a typically Apulian menu dedicated to the clean Rhea and the mild Amphitrite, the two blends signed by Pujje.

A food and wine itinerary to discover Apulia in all its flavours and indulge in the taste of its unmistakable recipes, all rigorously seasoned with Pujje Evoo oil.

A very pure extra virgin olive oil, as confirmed by analysis carried on in accredited laboratories, which have recorded zero defects and a very low acidity level, almost imperceptible.
It’s one of the main symbols of the Mediterranean diet, a real elixir of life for all its beneficial effects on organism, rich in omega-3, omega-6 and antioxidants, defeats diabetes and protects liver, heart and arteries, reduces cholesterol and risk of strokes, Alzheimer and cancer. The virtues of real Apulian oil are appreciated all!

Like Mò – Apulia Bistrot in the heart of Brera, historical district of Milan, famous for its vintage markets and the vivid night life, for the ancient noble residences hosting elegant boutiques and offices, the ideal destination to taste the delicacies of the heel of Italy such as new extra virgin olive oil Pujje.

N.B.: event reserved to press, limited seats and participation only by invitation.