Pujje «sartorial» extra virgin olive oil arrives. The firm, a startup located in Taranto, has presented it in Milan at , the trendy Apulian bistrot opened nearly one year ago in Via Pontaccio, Brera district, by Pierangelo Argentieri, nascent entrepreneur in hospitality and catering industry.

Rea e Anfitrite

Rea and Anfitrite, fruity clean and fruity mild signed by Pujje.

They are the two blends obtained by the 11 thousands plants owned by Taranto company and that bring named inspired to Magna Graecia, Taranto was one of the most important and flourishing centres of: Amphitrite (a sea nymph), with a mild and round taste, and Rhea (goddess of plenty and mother of Zeus), with a robust and clean taste, with a strongly perceivable hot finish. These are two blends and not single-cultivar, a clear choice, due to the will to create an unique and recognisable oil, able to enhance oil master’s know how. Thus, both oils are products studied as «haute couture» creations, combining ancient growing techniques to advanced and modern production methods.

Then they are proposed in bottles with an essential and sophisticated design, dedicated to specialised shops and top restaurants, but also perfect even as wedding favours.

Three young Apulian people in love with their land have ideated this niche product – on sale from February: Giovanni Mazzarino, agronomist and olive master and Angelo Ture and Monica Pica, husband and wife; he is manager and engineering entrepreneur and she is marketing and communication consultant. Actually the firm produces 5 thousands litres of cold pressed extra virgin oil proposed in 500 and 200 millilitres bottles with a price of approximately euro 18 for the smallest package.

by Gabriele Principato

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