Creating an excellent product, which plunges its roots into tradition and wins with absolute quality and its unique and original personality. Pujje is born from this idea of three Apulian young people in love with their land; it’s a new brand in the oil industry destined to catch attention thanks to its extraordinary appeal.

Pujje arrives on the market next February 2017 with two lines of extra virgin olive oil, one mild with round taste and a slightly perceptible hot finish, the other one clean with robust taste and a strongly perceptible hot finish, both result of best-quality raw materials.

Pujje is conceived as an haute couture creation, a hand-made cloth, a skilful mixture of growing techniques passed on generations, advanced production methods and a bottle with an essential and sophisticated design. Everything has been created into details by the three founders, an agronomist and farmer specialised into oil and food production, a manager who successfully runs family group and a communication professional with an innate market orientation.

An union of skill, intuition and creative energy, raised from a professional relationship that over a decade has turned into a great friendship and which has given life to a company founded on some shared values: proud for Apulian roots, passion for one’s own job and will of striving for excellence.

A young firm that, even in a complex sector where it’s not easy to stand out, will be able to amaze either domestic market, where it starts this year, or the international one it aims in the future to, thanks to a strategy of clear differentiation focused on product excellence, precious packaging and strong media presence starting from website, not irrespective of ethic performance that pays particular attention to environment respect, in addition to aesthetic and quality aspects care.

Pujje Evoo oil is a “luxury to taste” and is dedicated to a curious, expert, exigent and selective consumer who appreciates everything with own character and originality, unique and special, in line with his/her own values and style.


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