Wishing a serene Easter to all of you, we would like to go back over Olive Tree history, between mythology and legend.

In fact, Olive Tree is considered a Sacred element since ancient times.


Athena goddess gave it to Athenians as symbol of peace after having defeated Poseidon.




It is said a dove appeared on Noah’s Ark after the flood with an olive tree branch in its beak, as sign of the end of divine retribution and renewal of life.



Ancient Greek used olive tree to make crowns to be offered to Olympics winners athletes.

For Roman olive tree represented eminent men.

For Jews it was symbol of justice and wisdom.


An olive tree twig was hold by the festive crowd cheering Jesus entering Jerusalem.

Also the Cross was made by olive tree wood as it was considered the cosmic tree, world axis and link between Heaven an Earth.

And it’s for this reason that olive tree assumes a fundamental role during Easter period: blessing set tables with these twigs is a tradition.

Also olive harvest became a sacred moment, as it gathered families around this wonderful gift returned by earth after a lot of hard work. And the oil produced was also used to anoint the chosen, release them from sin and welcome them in Christian Society.




Olive tree and its fruits also in modern times are considered by man a source of strength, longevity, purification.  

Pujje Evoo raises from this issue of sanctity, wellbeing and peace, thanks to a lovely care of the olive grove which gives back pure olives of different varieties, hand picked at their first colour toning and skilfully combined and controlled for the entire production process, giving authentic unique blends.

Happy Easter.

Pujje Staff