Pujje, excellent evoo with unique and original personality, recently arrived on the market, is among the main characters of OliÈ, the Apulia extra virgin oils Exhibition which will take place at Charles V Castle in Lecce from 22 to 25 April and which wants to be a way to know a marvellous territory, through one of its symbol products.



The bond with the origin land is one of the features of this new brand of the oil industry, born from the will of three young people from Taranto of giving life to a superior quality oil which plunges its roots into tradition and attracts thanks to an extraordinary appeal.

The declaration of belonging and pride for its own roots is already expressed in the choice of the name: if Pujje is the noun used to indicate Apulia in the ancient Taranto dialect, Amphitrite and Rhea – these are the names of the two blends– respectively a beautiful sea nymph and the titaness mother of Zeus, goddess of plenty, remind to the ancient cultural legacy of Magna Graecia, the City of the Two Seas was one of the most flourishing centres of.

Also the choice of focusing on blend and not on single-cultivar reflects the will of creating an unique oil, recognizable and “Apulian”, able to give voice to the different indigenous olive varieties, further to enhance the know how of the oil master who has the task to find the magic formula that gives life to an extraordinary product, similar to the “nose” for perfumes.

Therefore Pujje Evoo couldn’t miss the first exhibition thought to show the best Apulian extra virgin oils through tasting courses, guided tastings, cooking shows with oil-food pairing, themed meetings and workshops.

An event dedicated not only to the Italian and international professionals – from restaurants to buyers – but also to lovers and gourmets, who could know and buy excellent oil products, the real main characters of the show and get in touch through this with a territory rich of beauty, art, history and flavours.